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March 29-30

2022 Vineyard Beekeeping Retreat

This ancient practice has made a beautiful "comeback" in the trend of backyard beekeeping. Whether you are simply "bee-curious" or eager for a new hobby, get ready for some fun. Join us for a night at the GENESEO INN and spend a whole day learning in our CASS apiary, suiting up and helping the experts tend and gather from the hives. Learn how these tiny pollinators impact the world and how you can aid them in their mission. Coupled with food, wine, and honey pairings, this retreat will delight the senses.

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September 20-22 | September 27-29

2022 Grape Harvest Retreat


This is a chance to truly experience life on the vineyard and all the excitement that surrounds harvest. Enjoy a beautiful balance of elegant winemaker dinners and luxurious appointments at the GENESEO INN with the fun of rising in the morning to pick heavy clusters of grapes. Join us in the process that we love, as we move from picking to stomping to blending! This retreat will give you the knowledge and experience to become a home winemaker or just be able to say "I did that!"

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November 1-3 | November 8-10 

2022 Olive Harvest Retreat


With a small orchard on the vineyard, we are excited to begin this ancient tradition that goes hand-in-hand with our love of winemaking. Tour our trees and learn with us as we explore this new venture. Partnering with the Groves on 41 and Kiler Ridge Olive Farm, we will be expertly guided in the activities of picking, pressing, and olive oil tasting their unique varietals, as they lead us through their orchard and mill experiences. 
Then pamper yourself with olive oil based foot soaks from Life Elements, a luxurious stay at the GENESEO INN, beautiful meals shared and paired with our award-winning wines!


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